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The Opportunity Cost of a “Free” Grand Slam

February 10th, 2010 by Chef REX Blog Team

Its really basic economics. If you don’t work, or are somehow unfortunate enough to make less than minimum wage, a free Grand Slam may have been worth it for you. I happen to drive by a Denny’s during my morning commute and have never seen such a large mix of college kids and homeless in one place before. I guess the students who took off of work to get a free $5.99 breakfast were also treated to a glimpse of their future selves.

Though I’m not an economist or mathematician, I did find a slight flaw in the formula when determining my own opportunity cost  (we have a large lecture hall with huge blackboards here at the office). The dignity constant seems to inflate the solution quite a bit. Dignity ≈ 6.5 ? By my own research and calculations that figure is much closer to 0 in most people. (Source:

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