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Is Time Travel Possible?

October 27th, 2010 by Chef REX Blog Team

By now, you’ve probably seen George Clarke’s controversial snippet of Charlie Chaplain’s 1928 classic “The Circus” where a woman in black is seen holding what appears to be a cellphone. Conspiracy theorists and internet nerds alike suggest that the woman is a time traveler who was accidentally filmed while touring 1920’s Hollywood- you know, before it was full of fame hungry d-bags. We all know that time travel is impossible with out the use of a DeLorean unless you’re Max Walker, but could this really be one of our modern conveniences caught on film way back in 1928? If so, how the hell did it get there? Isn’t there some sort of “prime directive” when it comes to time travel? I mean look how bad Ashton screwed up his life in the Butterfly Effect.

Shoulda stayed in the dimention where you were a frat boy, Bro.

Let’s check out the footage before I make any more terrible references.

Back, and to the left.   Back…and to the left.

Did you see it!?!?! Holy crap, a cellphone!

I guess even time travelers need their crackberry fix every once in a while (you can tell it was a Blackberry and and not an iPhone because the woman wasn’t wearing a snow hat or “deep V”). So now that there’s irrefutable proof that time travel is not only possible, but real- we decided to do a little more digging and found some other instances of questionable technology caught in historical photos.

What we found was no less than… SHOCKING.

Exhibit A) The moon landing.

They say that there’s more computing power in a modern calculator than there was in the flight computer on the LEM. That claim’s not necessarily true anymore when you realize our astronauts were sitting around, playing Angry Birds on their Driod phones while waiting for the next take… uh, I mean mission.

Exhibit B) Nazi Germany

Hitler figured out a new way to improve reception to his iPhone 4

History teaches us that following WWI, Germans had become upset with the restrictions placed on their nation by the Treaty of Versailles- the perfect environment for a young Adolf Hitler to rise to power and plunge the world into another global war. But what history forgets to mention is that Hitler was an avid user of his Twitter app for iPhone. Getting his message of German Nationalism and anti-semitism out was easy when his tag ( @liladolf420 ) had over 1 million followers.  Planning a blitzkrieg into Poland was a snap with Google Maps.  I guess Adolf ran into the only time traveler not trying to kill him when he got his hands on that piece of future technology.

Exhibit C) The Roswell Incident

No “little green men” here. This thing runs iOS, not Froyo.

Probably the most famous of the incidents, the Roswell Incident has been a hotbed for conspiracy theorists. Some say the US Government found the remains of an alien spacecraft in the desert while others assert the wreckage was from a secret aircraft developed for the Air Force. I personally think the incident is microwave popcorn related, but I suppose the notion of some drunken time traveler totaling his DeLorean in the desert is plausible too. Its a little known fact that the Air Force has been holding on to an iPad since the late 1940’s. They, just like any other government agency, didn’t know how to adapt technology to best serve their needs until decades later.

Seeing all of this modern day technology in the past makes me wonder what kind of technological wonders are being brought to our time by travelers from the future.

One can only hope to capture a glimpse of them on film.

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