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Happy Earth Day From ChefRex

April 22nd, 2010 by Chef REX Blog Team

Happy Earth Day everyone! As you all know, today is Earth Day- a day where we take all of 30 seconds to think about our impact on Mother Earth, then quickly return to quiet complacency. Sure, you may drive a Prius and use only one square of toilet paper (thanks Sheryl Crow), but is that really enough?

We as a species must realize that we only have one planet to call home and need to show that we love her. So, lets make this Earth Day a very special one and express your love for Ms. Gaia. No, I’m not talking about recycling more or conserving electricity (though that would help), I’m talking about physical expression. Go hug a tree or kiss a rock. Give your favorite lake a nice pat on the back. A little smack on the rear and a “good game” would really tell that hill how you feel. Positive reinforcement can go a long way in showing Earth that we still care, and honestly, I cant think of a better way to be more “environmentally friendly”.

But just in case you’re not sure that you want to take your relationship with Earth to the next level, here are a few links that may help you help the planet in other ways.

United States Environmental Protection Agency
An Inconvenient Website
Earth Day

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