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Its People! Peeeeeooooopppplllleeee!!!!!!1!!one!!!

March 2nd, 2010 by Chef REX Blog Team

Hot dogs used to serve a dual purpose.  1.) Delicious all-American food  and 2.) Instrument of death for kids who can’t chew properly.

This next generation of “safe”, albeit creepy, hot dog is designed with children in mind.  Just take a big bite and try to choke.  You can’t.   The unnerving spiral shape increases surface area and decreases mass so that this highly processed treat wont clog your pie hole, or windpipe for that matter.

Did I mention its still made form the same delicious meat paste? My only question is why is it green?

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A New “Green” Candle Lamp? Whaaaaaa?

March 2nd, 2010 by Chef REX Blog Team

Promote Green with CandleLamp

Green Heat
Better Heating for Tomorrow

Available in 1, 2, and 3 hour solutions. This exciting,
new heating fuel offers your foodservice customers an
environmentally-friendly option for their businesses.

What makes GREEN HEAT™ different?
This new proprietary, concentrated gel formula is created from
plant-derived, corn-based ethanol.

Fully sustainable and renewable, biodegradable. Not toxic, poisonous, or methanol-based.

Has earned approval as an environmentally-preferred product
from the EnviroKleen@ certification program.

Eco-Friendly. Premium Performance. GREEN HEAT™’s concentrated gel formula burns strong and keeps food hot, without introducing harmful chemicals into the environment. Guaranteed to meet the high standards of today’s foodservice professional. Comparatively priced, it’s easy to add GREEN HEAT™ to operations without increasing fuel and operating costs.

Click here to view GREEN HEAT@ VIDEO

Though the propaganda above shows that this product is for commercial use, I can see it in the home.   I know when I have dinner parties or small get togethers at my house, I’m always looking for a way to keep dishes warm when entertaining.  Might be an option for those of you with house guests or company for dinner.

For some reason this also reminded me of the Green Lantern.  But that’s neither here nor there.

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